What we stand for?

Life Cathedral International Ministries is a ministry where God is building back relationships with men and women of all origins. The ways we are building relationships are by teaching of discipleship and by bringing Father to the Sons and Sons to the Father. The Bible says, “That the Earth is in travail for the true sons of God.” We are allowing for God to take the ordinary people (the ones that people say will never make it) and allowing God to make them to be extraordinary successful people. Not just in the earth ream but also in the anointing in which God gave them from the being of time.

The Ministry is about fathering the fatherless and mothering the motherless. We found that a lot of the people of God are in bondage because many did not have anyone to affirm who or what they are in God. Many men and women in ministry, don’t know what to do next. This is a problem is in our prayer life. Because a lot of times, we are looking at God just like we have looked at those in authority. That is why we are not growing as fast in the things of the Spirit. We are all about true worship by the teaching of Moses’ Tabernacle compared to the Life of Jesus Christ. We compare the two by worship in several different areas of the tabernacle and His life. The Word of God said, “They that worship me must worship me in Spirit and in Truth.” And by the Spirit of God, we teach the Old and New Testament.

We flow in the Apostolic and the Prophetic Anointing. We flow in the Spiritual Gifts and are at liberty to move in the things of God’s Holy Spirit through love.

The ministry is a house of prayer where we teach on spiritual warfare, intercessory prayer, healing and deliverance but most of all JESUS.